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The high category hotels will enable the complete enjoyment in the beauties of Budva coast by their all inclusive offer. Apartments and the rooms of high category, kind and responsible staff, delicious food, wellness centers and gyms, tennis playgrounds, beauty saloons, health services and other services are all available for pleasant free time activities. They are all situated at the coast of Budva municipality and they are ranged according to the standards of The World Tourist Organizations.

The different types of private accommodation are not worse in quality than the hotels, and they give the possibility for individual beach seeing. One shouldn’t forget the possibility of dwelling in the houses with authentic Mediterranean architecture or camping.


Budva’s Riviera consists of 17 beaches and a lot of inlets, characteristic for that coast: Buljarica, than well known beaches in Pastrovici, like Drobni pijesak, Rezevici, St Stefan, Kraljeva and Kraljicina plaza, Kamenovo, Becici, than the town’s beaches and the island beaches like St Nikola, than Yaz, Trstenovo, Platamun. Some of them, like Mogren, have “The Blue flag”, which is an international certificate for quality. It is possible to make the tours round the beaches by local boats or traffic.

Active holiday:

You can use the paraglide or you can choose some other suitable air-liner over the bay. Choose the mini-cruise with the possibility to stay at one of the beaches and we also propose the diving with experienced instructors. Find out the secrets of fishing and feel your “Big game”. You can choose a playground for volleyball, soccer, tennis or table tennis, near the coast, or try the old coast sport-bowling, or some extreme sports such as water skiing, accessible even in the night or bungee jumping. Bike renting is also the part of an everyday offer; walking paths are almost in every part of Budva’s Riviera.


Unusual seafood or fish dishes, recommended by chefs or chosen by you, but also traditional Montenegrin specialities, Italian pastas and pizzas, Chinese and Oriental specialities, are just the part of a lot of available restaurants, which are open till small hours. There are also a large number of autochthonic Montenegrin wines, but also strong drinks such as brandy and sangria, usually served for welcome, prepared according to the ancient recipes and technology.

At the market you can buy freshly fruit and vegetables, olives, ham, cheese kept in oil, dried figs and domestic brandy, in a word, everything that makes the kitchen of this area specific. At Riviera, you can see  the offer of local fish sellers, who will teach you how to clean and prepare the different types of fish and seafood.


Visit some of the discotheques at the Budva’s promenade, or the town’s discotheques “Trokadero” or “Hot cherry”. You should also visit some of the old towns’ outdoor cafes, where you can dance on the streets till small hours. If you like dinner with candles, evergreen and sea songs, you can enjoy in almost all restaurants, hotels’ terraces, bars. You can try gambling in some of the town’s or hotels’ casinos.

In spring, you can see a big Budva carnival, and at the beginning of October, there is a festival “Dan siruna”, where the fish is prepared on grill, and is offered to the visitors with domestic wine and entertainment.


You can visit some of the well-stored and nicely equipped boutiques or shops, where you can find the collections of world famous designers, but also unique, artistically decorated souvenirs with the smell of the Mediterranean.

Culture and entertainment:

At the beginning of summer you can see the festival “Pjesma Mediterana” (“The Song of the Mediterranean”), where Montenegrin and foreign stars sing their songs.

The trade mark of Budva is the festival “Grad Teatar” (“The Theater Town”). From 10th July to 20th August, Budva’s squares and beaches become theaters where you can dream the artistic midsummer night’s dream every night, with the most famous artists.

Cultural heritage:

Visit pylons, Roman necropolis and the rests of an old early-Christian basil in the complex of The Old Town from the antique period, or visit the Museum of Budva town. Experienced guides will speak to you about the secrets of The Old Town in organized tours between the bastions. The Church of St Ivan with its most important sanctity, the icon “Madonna in Punt” or “Budva’s Madonna” and The St Trinity Church, also speak about the Middle Ages life. During the tour you can also see the oldest buildings: a nunnery from the Middle Ages, one of the oldest churches at the coast, “Santa Maria in Punta” and the cell of St Sava, the devoted.

Visit Citadel, the biggest town fort, with the rests of “Santa Maria di Castello” church. In Citadel room, there is also a Museum of antiquarian book.

You can also see the monasteries “Duljevo”, “Praskvica”, “Rezevici” and “Gradiste” or monastery from Middle Ages “Podlastva” situated over the Yaz. You can visit the town’s monastery “Podostrog” walking in summer afternoon.

How to come:

Situated in the central part of the Montenegrin coastline, Budva is connected with all important traffic centers of the region. The Adriatic main road connects all coastline towns, and all continental roads go towards the capital of the Montenegrin tourism-Budva. Near the town, there are two international airports (Tivat-25 km, Podgorica-67 km). Local bus transport, taxi drivers, rent-a-car service could be used by the guests who comes individually. The great traffic center Bar (40 km), with the train station and its port, is situated southwardly from Budva.

The reason for visit:

To spend the holiday on the coast of one of the clearest sea in the world, to feel the scent of untouched nature, to scrutinize the sandy beaches and hidden inlets, to learn about old cultural heritages and modern artistic tendencies, to meet the ancient and Middle-aged history, to feel the challenge of the adventure of meeting natural beauties and national parks, to taste the special dishes of the Mediterranean prepared by well known chefs, to be amused and meet the people of good will, are just some of the reasons why this part of the Montenegrin coastline should be your choice.